Monday, July 14, 2008


Ok, so every time I get on to check my blog, I hear some new, strange Spanish pop music, and I think to myself "Now I know I didn't put THAT on my playlist." It turns out that Brent has been slowly adding his favorite songs when he's at work. I thought about taking them all off, but I guess it's good that he has taken an interest in our family's blog (even if it is only to listen to his weird music.)
Anyway-this weekend, Brent and I made the trip to Dallas to check out houses. We are looking in a small subarb called Rowlett. We saw a lot of houses we really liked, but after a while they all started to look the same. Buying a house is such a big decision so we are both a little nervous. If anyone has advice on what to look for, please post it! On Sunday, we visited the Rowlett first ward and really liked it. The people seem super nice, and we really felt welcome. I think we are really going to like it there.
Brent is especially excited because he only has three weeks of classes left. He will graduate Maga Cum Laude so I am very proud of him. We love Shreveport but are ready for him to start this new job in a new city. Both of us have always lived in Shreveport so we are jumping in feet first with our eyes closed! Dallas, here we come!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Indiana or Bust!

This past week, I was able to go to Indiana with Mom, Dad, and Annabeth to see Mandy and Andrew's new little addition. That morning, I had taken Annabeth to get her shots, and I think I cried almost as much as she did. She finally tired herself out and crashed. I felt so terrible for her but snapped this pic. She slept most of the way there.

Pics of Annabeth with her new cousin, Fox. He looks a lot like Mandy and Dad. This baby also likes to eat A LOT so I felt sorry for Mandy because she is literally an all night snack bar for the little guy. He sure is a cutie. Mom and I think he looks just like a little man.
Eden has the cutest, curly hair. It's a little wild but matches her little personality!
Me, Mandy & Fox, Mom, Dad & Annabeth, Eden & Andrew

Mandy, Eden, & Fox. (Eden loved to take care of the babies and always wanted to hold them.)

Ok, I know she's mine so I have to say this, but isn't she Gerber baby material?