Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year

Wow, I really suck at blogging. I'll add it to my list of New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, I have no pictures from Christmas to share. Annabeth got a camera from Grandma and Grandpa so I guess I could post some of her photos but I don't know that you'd be able to make anything out.:) Poor Camilla is going to feel jipped that I'm not nearly as good about taking pictures of her and logging her progress. But here is a quick recap of the last few months.

Sweet Camilla is now 8 months old. She has 6 teeth and one more trying to pop through. She is such a good baby. Honestly - she never even really seemed bothered by her teeth coming in. You may have noticed that she has a lot less hair now. What's weirder is that it is growing back blonde! I had a feeling it would start falling out because she has such a dry, flaky scalp. In fact, her whole little body is dry. The only thing that really makes a difference on her skin is Aquafor which we have to put on her nearly every day. She has just started getting up on all fours and rocks, but we aren't crawling yet. Annabeth was crawling already by this age but Camilla seems to be in no hurry. She is pretty content just to lay and be entertained by her big sister. She loves to laugh at anything Annabeth is doing, and she also just discovered the dog who she thinks is hilarious. Her hobbies include putting anything and everthing into her sloberry little mouth and rolling all over the place to get where she wants. I had forgotten how clean my floor has to be at this stage so I am constantly scouring it for small objects. She goes to bed around 7 pm and wakes up around 8. Such a great little sleeper. I stopped nursing her around 7 months because she stopped gaining weight (same thing happened with Annabeth) so now we are on formula which she does really well with. I'll admit, while I loved nursing, it is nice to be able to let other people feed her. And now she can even hold her own bottle! Freedom! Love that little teethy smile.
Annabeth is getting so big! I can't believe I have a sunbeam now. She is SUCH a drama queen and we have meltdowns daily. Her absolute favorite thing to do is play dressup. She is always putting on princess dresses, ballet slippers, crowns, etc. and putting on "shows" for us. She loves music and she loves to dance. I really think we need to put her in ballet again. She is so expressive and dramatic, and we need an outlet for all that energy! She changes clothes 10 times a day now and likes to dress herself. I try to beat her to it in the morning and pick out a few things she can choose from. If I don't, she'll spend forever in her room pulling out all the clothes from her drawers. When she finally emerges, she yells "SURPRISE!" And is wearing some interesting ensemble of stripes on stripes or jeans with shorts over them (try explaining to a toddler why stripes don't match stripes, or why all pinks do NOT go together). She has also started recognizing when mommy and daddy use past tense. For example, if I say "We sang a song" she defiantly shouts "No mommy, you SINGED a song!" Also frustrating trying to explain to a 3 year old. She knows her ABC's and what sounds most of the letters make. Still gets a little confused by those tricky ones that have 2 sounds, but man is she smart! No matter what time we go to bed at night, Annabeth is always the first person awake in the house (usually 6 am bright and early). We must seriously be the worst parents in the world because we pour her some cereal, turn on cartoons, and go back to bed! I have no idea where she gets so much energy but I always feel like I am dragging myself trying to keep up with her. She started sunbeams a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Her biggest concern though is that she doesn't know the songs in primary. She really does love to sing. We love these girls so much. They have both of us wrapped around their tiny fingers. I need to do better about writing down the funny things they say and do because it is passing me by all too quicky.
Oh - last night, Annabeth told me she had a dream that we had another baby and that the baby was playing with a zebra. Naturally, she has since put in a request for both. She has a better chance at getting the zebra!