Sunday, November 16, 2008

Giggles over green beans

Lots has happened since our last post. Annabeth had her sixth-month check-up with her new doctor in Wylie. Dr. Richardson said that she is growing fine in length and is meeting all her developmental benchmarks. The only concern is her weight. She weighed in at only the fifth percentile. The doc said to start her on baby foods and bring her back in a couple of weeks for a weigh in. Annabeth LOVES to to eat her vegetables. We've tried nearly every kind, and she hasn't disliked any of them. She must get that from Brent since I am such a picky eater.

She hasn't started crawling yet, but I can tell she is so close. She actually does manage to get around but I wouln't call it "crawling." Maybe more like squirming. She has also begun to notice Pedro and thinks he is hilarious. (We use him as an incentive to try to get her to crawl). She loves to tug at his ears and tries to catch his tail when it wags.

Tonight, she showed us her latest trick - laughing hysterically when someone sneezes. We discovered it by accident, but it was so funny we had to recreate it for the camera. See video above.

We miss Shreveport but are adjusting really well here. We can't wait until Christmas when we will get to go home and see both of our families.