Friday, October 31, 2008

Mommy, she bite me!

Well, it's official. Annabeth has two teeny tiny but ever so present bottom teeth. Last week as Shelley and I were painting (and Erin was babysitting) Erin shouted, "Mommy, Annabeth bite me! She bite me with her teeth!" We assured her that Annabeth didn't have any teeth yet so she couldn't be biting her. We forgot all about it until a couple hours later when Shelley took a break to feed the baby for me. She noticed that she was biting down on the spoon and making a clicking sound. Sure enough, Erin was right. I promise to no longer discredit the words of a two year old. When we told mom, all she could say was "Why were Erin's hands in Annabeth's mouth?" Good question.

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