Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Not much has been happening around here lately. For Thanksgving, we went to Bud and LaRetta's house in Sunset, LA. It was great to see them. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera....We were also sick the entire week. Thanks to LaRetta for taking such good care of us. I seemed to be the last one to recover, and am still trying to get my voice all the way back. I think pregnancy has weakened my immune system. =(
We are excited for Christmas to come this year. My sister Mandy gets to come home from D.C. and my cousin Holli, gets off her mission this month. I can't wait to see all of my family and have a much needed girls night out. I love getting to be with all my sisters at the same time. They are truly my best friends!!
Here are a few pics of the last week. Annabeth helped me make Christmas cookies, and we went to a Christmas display in Richardson. I love this month and want to fill each weekend with something fun to celebrate the season - especially since this is the first year that Annabeth really "gets" what it's all about. Looking forward to a wonderful month!
Helping mommy roll out Christmas cookies.

Mrs. Grumpy pants

Happy again

Finished product!

Annabeth and Tava posing

Annabeth got to meet Mrs. Clause. I think she liked her better than Santa b/c she had cookies.

Forgot to post this pic of her wearing her Thanksgiving outfit


David said...

The Mrs. Grumpy Pants Annabeth is so stinkin' cute! She reminds me of Erin when she is on one of her grumpy spells.

Shelley said...

ahh...just saw this post!! so cute! loved the pictures, esp. the one of Annabeth in her thanksgiving duds! now she needs a Christmas one. Can't wait for Christmas either and girl time! hope you are feeling better! love ya!