Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Photos October 2011

I have been meaning to post these great pictures of us taken by Dave McClellan who did a fabulous job. I know I'm partial but dang we make cute kids! Lately, so much has been going on - which is great because we were really starting to get bored with the summer. It was too hot to go to the park and even too hot for the pool! Seriously - it felt like bath water. Now, we are enjoying 80 degree weather, soaking up as many beautiful days outside as we can. In September, Annabeth started a co-op preschool with some of her friends from church, and she has really been enjoying it. She is so full of questions these days! Every other word out of her mouth is "Why"? She has been getting a lot better at saying her evening prayers. She always makes sure to bless the robots - don't ask me why. I am realizing that nothing gets by her so I can no longer tell little white lies. She remembers EVERYTHING and calls me on it all the time. "But mommy...You SAID we were gonna go to the park!" She also had learned how to turn Brent and I against each other. She asks Daddy for something first who then tells her to ask mommy. Then she runs to me insisting that daddy said it was OK. Such a smart little 3 year old.
Camilla is rolling around everywhere. Her hobbies include putting anything and everything in her mouth. She has two bottom teeth and we haven't even hit 6 months yet! She sleeps much better at night now, but hates to take naps during the day. When she does nap - they don't last long. I feel as if I can't get anything done as she constantly wants to be held. Oh well - I am soaking up all the slobbery kisses I can. I love this stage! We feel so blessed to have such sweet girls. Love them to pieces.

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