Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week in Review

A few weeks ago, we finally broke down and bought a nice camera.  After practicing with it for the last few days, we decided to take it out for a spin.  We had been waiting for the bluebonnets to be in full bloom so we could get some nice photos of the girls. We waited for the light to be just perfect. I coordinated matching colored outfits for everyone, and spent WAY too much time on their hair. But when we got there, they went completely nuts!  Camilla refused to sit down and ran away from us the entire time. Annabeth complained that the flowers were making her itch and refused to smile.  It finally ended in hysterical tears when the two of them accidentally banged their heads together.  I am convinced that any time I attempt to take decent photos of my children, they conspire against me.  It is almost as if before every shot, they say to each other "Quick! Let's go crazy......wait for it........right now!"  Soo...unfortunately I have no photos to post today :(

While I'm on the topic of crazy children, let me just tell you that this past week has been a real doozy.  Last Friday, as I was cleaning the bathtub, Annabeth pummeled over Camilla while running through the house. Camilla fell on the tile and busted her chin open.  (Annabeth actually has the same scar from busting her chin open right in the middle of Barnes and Noble when she was 3). Then on Sunday night, she decided to climb on the bed and re-opened the wound when she hit her chin on the bed rail. Luckily, we have a friend who works in the ER and he was able to glue her up both times.  On Monday, I didn't let her climb on anything or run anywhere. I tried so hard to keep her from picking at the glue so we wouldn't re-open the wound yet again.  We nearly made it through the entire day...until she somehow managed to pull her elbow out of the socket - something called a nursemaids elbow?  Since I didn't want to call our friend for a third time in less than a week, we ended up at a CareNow so the doctor could pop her elbow back into place.  By the end of it all, my nerves were so fried, and Brent and I both agreed that we had had enough emergencies to last us the rest of their lives!  

P.S.  I registered Annabeth for Kindergarten this week, and had to fight back tears while waiting in line.  I can't believe I am old enough to have a child in school!

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Shelley said...

I will admit that I have a NKOTB station on pandora that I rock out to while I clean - sad I know but I get all the good stuff like C&C music factory, vanilla ice, and paula abdul. :) Keep it up! I need some motivation for my swimsuit!