Sunday, October 17, 2010

Letting Go

The other night, Brent and I watched The Book of Eli. If you haven't seen it, the movie is about a guy who has sworn to preserve the last Bible on earth so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. There has been some kind of apocalyptic event which has destroyed most books, not that it matters since most people can't read anyway. Books are considered a novelty and folks would do anything to get their hands on a Bible and actually be able to read it.

After watching the movie, it got me thinking about my scripture reading - which I haven't been all that great at lately. And I thought- if there were no other distractions, no other books, no TV shows, no movies, no internet - it would be so easy to to read my scriptures.

And then I realized......I'm addicted - to my tv and computer screen. There always seems to be something more interesting to watch on tv or my laptop, something easier and more entertaining than reading. And so I have decided to give up the following things that dominate my precious time:

Private Practice (which isn't even that great of a show, I only started watching it b/c I'm an avid Grey's fan and wanted to keep up with Addison)
Glee (It started innocent enough but has turned into a real sex fest)
Desperate Housewives (See the above comment)
Brothers and Sisters (Again - not even that great of a show, but it has Sally Field in it so can you blame me?)
Reality Telivision is any shape or form (Need I say more)
ET (unfortunately,it's true. I like to stay abreast of celebrity's botched boob jobs and ever changing spouses)
Facebook (Not giving up but limiting time...not ready to give that one up completely just yet)
Random Surfing of the Internet (I am a total news junkie. Limiting computer time to 1 hour a day for email, news, facebook, etc.)

The only show I actually have to see is Grey's, which is not necessarily the cleanest of the above, but hey, I'm a work in progress!

With my newfound time I plan to:

Read my scriptures every day
Finish reading Rough Stone Rolling (Which I started a year ago and never finished)
Keep up with my blog and read other's blogs
Call a sister, mom, or friend
Practice piano

There's a saying that goes "When thinking of your life at the last, it helps you decide what ought to come first." I don't want to look back on my life and see that it has been filled with mindless junk.

And so - here's to new's years resolutions in the middle of October! Cheers!


Brynn said...

Hi Laura! I can't remember how I found your blog, probably on Marsha's. Anyway, go Laura! I've been trying to do this, too, and while I've definitely still got a lot of work to do, I'm so grateful for the counsel to do this. I feel so much more at peace with life in general, and I find myself prompted a lot more frequently in how to raise Angie. I'm also able to roll with the punches easier. Good luck! It'll be hard at first but hang in there and you'll be amazed. My blog is if you want to check us out.

Brynn said...

Oh, ha ha, you already have my blog.

David said...

Laura, Can I just say that I find your writing very well done, and very entertaining-- and I'm not just saying that. Please keep it up, I always enjoy reading your blog because I think you are very talented. Also, you're an inspiration to us all for weeding out some junk. I think I need to do the same!