Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Resemblance

Lately, I've been looking through Annabeth's baby pictures. I can't believe she was ever so tiny! The biggest difference I notice between her and Camilla is the nose. Annabeth has always had this little upturned nose (looks like Cindy-Lou-Who) while Camilla's is a little flatter. Also, Camilla has much chubbier cheeks (I just wanna bite them...and sometimes I do) Both were born with tons of hair, and not just on their heads. Their little backs were covered in black hair. In case you are wondering, they get that from Brent - not me. The top picture is Camilla and the bottom is Annabeth around the same age. Love those first smiles!

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Jess said...

They are both so beautiful. Just like their mom! :)