Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thompson Family Photos

We were finally able to get the pictures off our camera, so here are a few from the past few weeks.Annabeth with her pouty face on.

Yes, she actually has this much hair! And it's growing! It seems we can't go anywhere without someone commenting on her locks.

Eden, Erin, and Emma sitting on the tailgate eating popsicles on a hot, summer day. Aren't they cute?

Julie and Annabeth finally get to meet. We miss you, Julie!

Grandma Rosie and Annabeth

Mandy, Shelley, Julie, and me. I love all of my sisters. Seems I can't go a day without talking to one of them on the phone. They help me maintain my sanity. They really are my best friends.

Emma wanted to play Racheal Ray and concocted some sort of green mush. Yummm!

I made cupcakes to celebrate Brent's completion of his degree. He will walk across the stage in December!

Ryan Christopher, Annabeth, and Fox

Eden, Annabeth, and Erin. In this pic, Eden is playing with her hair. Both of the girls can't seem to keep their hands off of her head and find her hair to be fascinating. They are so sweet. What great cousins!


Ally said...

hey Laura, We really love this area..I like Texas but I am not one of those crazy texas people.:) It's been fun reading your blog and catching up with your family. I love all of Annabeth's hair.:) She is soooo adorable!

Kelly said...

Annabeth is so adorable. I can't get over her huge blue eyes and all opf that hair! Her pouty face is great, too, I'm sure it will get even better as she gets older and learns how useful it can be!

JOHNICA said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family Laura! I was going to tell you not to be too sad at your dog getting into the chicks. My outside puppy has killed 7 of our chickens.. good dog!

Rosemary said...

I LOVE all the pictures. What a lucky great grandmother I am!

And as far as that stupid beautiful baby contest is concerned....We know who the MOST beautiful baby in Shreveport is, so they can keep their old contest!
Gma Rosemary

Costi said...

cute blog and cute kids!! congrats on the house and stuff! good luck with everything!