Monday, September 1, 2008

We Got A House!

Brent and I were very excited last week to learn that we will soon be home-owners again! At the end of this month, we will be relocating to Sachse, TX (pronounced like Saxy, or if your prefer, Sexy with an "a"- I know it doesn't look like like how it's spelled so I'm sure we can look forward to correcting all of you in the future. It is three bedroom, two bath - just the right size for our little family. I am so excited to get my things out of our storage unit. It will be so nice to settle down again into a home of our own. My first job will be to paint Annabeth a nursury! Brent is very excited to start work as an accountant for Ernst & Young, and I have accepted a position to teach private voice lessons part-time. We sure will miss Shreveport, but we know we will be home often.

Our new address: 7515 Vista Ridge - Sachse, Tx


Rosemary said...

Laura and Brent,
You're house looks so cute! I love the big Bradford Pear tree in front. Congratulations!
Gma Rosie and Gpa Harry

Shelley said...

Howdy ho neighbors! Can't wait till you guys get here. I'll have to get you the bumper sticker that reads..'I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could' See ya in a few!

melanie and michael said...

i'm so happy for y'all. you'll have to take pictures of the house as soon as you get there. i'm sad that i won't see you guys on a regular basis when we come into shreveport. mike and i will have to make it over there one day.